Zinser Elementary News
May 5

Zinser Elementary News May 5


We'd like to celebrate our Special Education staff at Zinser! (Round 2!)

Linsey Jones is our Speech Pathologist, and another veteran leader amongst our special ed staff and staff in general. Linsey is always willing to give ideas and provide activities on how to support students' language skills in the classroom. She does a great job correlating student language development with reading skills and her work has huge, positive impacts on the students she works with in regards to both language and reading development. Linsey is a great support and resource, and even mentors student interns each year. She will support and advocate fiercely for her students and staff! Linsey has a positive attitude, is fun to work with, and she brings the best treats!

Conor Dahlquist is our School Psychologist, with his responsibilities being shared with other buildings. He has only been here a couple of years and has been a great asset to Zinser's team (and our district). Conor is a Team Leader, and is doing a great job leading our ASD team as we vamp up our Peer to Peer opportunities. He values the opinions and input of each team member. He is kind and caring to the students he works with and often checks up on them to see how they are doing in their classes. Conor is a very hard worker and has a lot on his plate, but is always very professional and willing to lend a helping hand!

Camille Sleboda is our part-time School Social Worker, who just had her second child and is back off of her maternity leave! Camile is a welcoming and calming presence for her students. Students enjoy the time they spend with her playing their favorite games or practicing calming strategies to finish their day. She is so good with our students, focusing her attention on their strengths.. She always makes sure to stop in the room frequently to visit, say hi, and support them. Camille is a very caring individual that focuses her energy on positive behavioral supports. A big thank you to our Special Education staff!

Youth Baseball Knight
On Tuesday, May 16 during the varsity baseball game against South Christian, youth baseball players are encouraged to attend. Open to all KH Youth players - wear your current little league or travel jersey! There will be a group introduction and photo with the varsity players!

Youth Soccer Knight
On Monday, May 8 during the varsity soccer game vs. Hudsonville, youth soccerplayers are encouraged to attend. Open to all KH Youth/Knights FC players - wear your current Knights FC jersey! There will be a group introductions and high five line with the varsity players!

GVSU Swim Lessons & Swim Camp
Swim Lessons for ages 4-14 | Swim Camp(s)/Swim Team for 7 years old - 12th grad. For more information and to register, visit www.GrandValleyStateSwimmingCamps.com or email questions to murrjame@gvsu.edu.

Goodies with Grandparents (or YOUR special someone day!) - May 12
Please come enjoy a donut from 8:00-8:35 in the cafeteria. If you would like to stay longer, you are welcome to stay for Model A car tours, a musical performance, & activities from 8:35-11:15 with your special student! Please be sure to R.S.V.P. no later than Friday, May 5th using the form provided.

Art for Water in Amiina
Art is being used to make a difference across the world in Mityana Uganda. We are partnering with Amiina to put in a well for a village that desperately needs clean drinking water. Students have been working on creating African Art to sell for at least a $10 donation. They have worked hard to create amazing art projects to sell. Please send in the money with their name, teacher, and Water Money. All money is Due May 12th! The well will be going in at the end of May. If you have other questions email Mrs. Rykse at jrykse@khps.org. Thank you for supporting getting clean drinking water to a whole community.

Camp Good Grief
Monday, June 12 - 8 am - 4 pm. An opportunity for fun, sharing, and healing, presented by Hospice of Michigan. This is a free program for children ages 8-17 who have experienced the death of a loved one. Held at Camp Newaygo - Please register by May 31, as space is limited. Register online at www.hom.org/camp. For questions, contact Karen Monts at kmonts@hom.org or call 313-578-6326.

Kiwanis West Michigan
Kiwanis has a new club in West Michigan that primarily supports the kids at Kenowa Hills! They meet in a virtual setting once a week and host projects to lift up kids in our district. If you'd like to learn more about the Kiwanis organization or learn how you can join, visit their website or follow them on Facebook!


Be a Knight that Knows Nutrition
From now until the end of the school year Nurse Courtney will be handing out points when she catches students making healthy food choices at breakfast, snack, or lunch! Students can use these points to earn prizes! See the flyer below for more information or email Nurse Courtney at cellens@khps.org.

Attendance/Drop Off - Pick Up
Our start time is 8:35 am. We need your help getting students here on time! Any students arriving after 8:45 without an excused call/absence will be marked tardy. Any students arriving after 9:05 without an excused call/absence will be marked unexcused for the morning session. Please call the attendance line at 616-453-2461 to communicate your students’ absence, early leave time, or late arrivals as well. STRIVE FOR FIVE!!!

Parking Lot Notes:
Please consider utilizing our bus transportation option to avoid the busy parent pick-up lot.

  • Always look to pull up where and when possible to help with the flow. Tell your child to look for the correct car and be ready. If your child is late to the sign and you pulled up past it, you can circle around the lot and keep your car moving.
  • Thank you for those turning right only. We know it’s an inconvenience for some but we believe it will help speed up the line and be safer in the long run (we've had a couple of accidents at that intersection).
  • Drop-off starts at 8:30; If you are in the lot before 8:30, you may drop your child off a few minutes early to get the traffic flowing, but the child will be standing by the grade sign until the 8:30 bell. All 1st-5th grade students can enter at the bell in the designated door.
  • We do have two lanes in the parking lot. Please only use the right lane for drop-off and pick-up, the inside lane is a pass-by lane only. Please pass by with caution. It is very dangerous to let students out in that lane.

Drop-Off Expectations:

  • Drop-off starts at 8:30 with the day officially starting at 8:35.
  • Kindergarten (including K-Knights) families please park and walk to the flagpole to have your child line up with the class at the 8:30 bell. The teacher will come out and greet the students and enter the building together.
  • Staggered entrances will be used once again. Grade-level signs will be put outside by the designated door. After the first week, students will walk in the correct door at 8:30 or later and head directly to the classroom.

Dismissal Expectations:

  • The school day ends at 3:37 pm.
  • Kindergarten (and K-Knights) and early pick-ups start at 3:30 pm.
  • Kindergarten parents please park and walk to meet the class and get the child by the flagpole for a more intimate and safe pick-up.We will designate consistent early pick-up families once again. Please contact our office if you can consistently be in the parking lot early for an early pick-up at 3:30 pm. 1st-5th grade families will use the car line in the parent parking lot for pick-up. Your child will stand at the correct grade level sign and enter the car when it’s at the sign or close to the nearest pull-up spot. You may need to pull up past the grade sign to help with the flow.

News from our Nurse
If your student or a household member has Covid-19 please notify Nurse Courtney. You will not be contacted by the Health Department but these cases must be reported and monitored within the school. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation! Please reach out to Nurse Courtney at cellens@khps.org if you have any questions

Background checks
Background checks must be completed annually by anyone volunteering at least 3 days prior to volunteering! Forms can be completed in the school office or at the administration office. A photo ID will be required.

Individual treats or “gifts” are not encouraged again this school year. Instead, we are encouraging you to donate a book to your child’s classroom in honor of them and their birthday. You are welcome to personalize the book or we can do it for you.

You can have your child visit the office or Mr. Willick for a birthday pencil!

We do not want birthday invitations to be passed out to students during the school day. A student may pass out invitations if everyone in the class will receive one, or a parent can discreetly give some invitations to the teacher, who can place them in backpacks.

Feeding Walker Kids


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Our Personal Mastery educational experience has redefined education and has gained attention around the state and nation. Personal Mastery provides your child with personalized attention from teachers. Instead of teaching to a broad group of students without an understanding of their individual strengths and weaknesses, Personal Mastery allows teachers to interact with students individually or in small groups to help them better address their weaknesses. In this way, we strive to help your child reach their full potential.


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